What Is GPaint ?

GPAINT, the simplest way to personalise, touch-up or custom paint-fill your golf clubs

From irons and putters to wedges and woods. Apply paint-fill to existing numbers, letters, logos, sight-lines and stamping to any golf club in your bag.

“it’s really that simple”

How to Use


Clean thoroughly with hot soapy water, using an old toothbrush. Make sure area is 100% dry before continuing.


Apply the paint liberally to the desired area. This can be applied over any existing paint on the club. Now, fill a plastic container with a small amount of white spirit.


Using soft tissue, fold several times to make a small pad and dip into the white spirit. Wipe lightly and quickly in a diagonal direction to the area painted.


The paint should be touch dry in about 30 minutes, depending on the room temperature and humidity. Allow 6 hours for paint to fully cure before using the clubs.

8 Different Colors

GPAINT products are available in eight colours, each one has been carefully selected based upon the most popular and widely used colours seen in the golf market today.

All GPAINT colours can be mixed to create further colour combinations. For example, mix white and red to create pink, or blue and red to create purple etc.